Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More DANGLED PODS Stencil (New), Paired with the Original TANGLED PODS Stencil

After that short break for Valentine's Day, I'm back to daily posts showing ways I've used my new 9" x 12" stencil Dangled Pods, paired with Tangled Pods.

Both these stencils, by the way, were inspired by the beautifully dangling seed pods of the Japanese Pagoda Tree.  

 The piece above was created by piling layer after layer of black and red acrylic paints on a 9" x 12" stretched canvas.  After so many layers had been added, ridges had formed in the shapes of the pods.  I dry-brushed metallic gold paint over these ridges to reach the finishing point above.  Below is a close-up of one detailed area:

Above is another piece created with the technique cited in my Feb. 13 post.  Below are two close-ups focusing on areas of this painting:

These two stencils look like this: 

Above:  the original stencil, Tangled Pods.
Above:  the new stencil, Dangled Pods -- the reverse of the original stencil.

More Dangled Pods examples are coming!

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