Monday, February 6, 2017

Mary Thoma and PRAYER FLAGS

Artist Mary Thoma has been using my 9"x 12" stencil Prayer Flags in ways that delight me!

Here are the first three in a series of these prints; for each application, she has flipped and moved the stencil:

Above:  Mary writes that this one has a hint of gold along with the black, white and gray.

The above prints turned out so well that Mary felt reluctant to go farther with them -- and I agree with her wholeheartedly; they're beautiful just as they are!

Below is another print that Mary took a step farther, by adding an abstract figure.  For me, it's a big challenge to work an abstract figure into a background that's unrelated and abstract.  But Mary has pulled it off like a champ!  And the fact that the two main imagery-elements are unrelated, really gives the artwork zing!  Well done, Mary!

Many thanks, Mary, for allowing me to share these here!

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