Friday, October 10, 2014

Stencil-and-Scrape Technique, re-visited

Earlier, I've posted about a technique that I call stencil-and-scrape
-- on Jan. 4 , March 14 and April 2 --
where I've supplied numerous photos with directions. 

This technique is simply a wet version of the rubbings technique; traditional rubbings are done with soft-lead pencil or crayon, whereas I use acrylic paint and an old credit card. 

With masking tape, I secure a stencil to the work surface; then I tape a sheet of thin paper over that.  After adding a few dollops of acrylic paint to the top of the paper, I scrape the paint downward over the paper, pressing evenly to pick up the patterns in the stencil.

Just recently I made more stencil-and-scrape papers using my 9"X12" stencil Twinship.  Since I planned to use the finished paper in a multi-layered collage, I chose deli paper because it's thin; and its translucency allows underneath colors to show thru. Below is one of the completed papers.

After the paint dried, I cut the papers into shapes and added them to a collage on canvas, shown below.  To better see the stencil-and-scrape papers, click on the image --

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