Monday, March 31, 2014

Texture Anyone?

Above:  I've used masking tape to secure a stencil by Carolyn Dube onto a canvas previously marked off into sections (and previously painted with gesso, into which I had placed burlap scraps.)
After securing Carolyn's stencil Use Your Words, I spread modeling paste thru the sections of the stencil that I had masked off with tape.

Above:  a close-up of the modeling paste having been spread thru Carolyn Dube's 9"X12" stencil Use Your Words.
Previously, on another area of the same canvas, I had gone thru the same process with another 2 stencils -- Crazed Invert by Wendy Aikin --

-- and  Kaleid, one of my 6"X6" stencils --

 After the modeling paste had dried, I applied washes of water-thinned acrylic paints to bring color to selected areas across the canvas:

This piece is not yet finished but it's on its way.
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