Saturday, March 29, 2014

Asian Imagery via Stencils

In one of my two posts of earlier today, I wrote about having made a mix of Golden's Payne's Gray acrylic paint with matte medium, to use in stenciling, with Ink Sweeper as my applicator.  (Thank you, Mary C. Nasser, for having reminded me of Mary Beth Shaw recommending this applicator in her recently released book Stencil Girl -- Mixed Media Techniques for Making and Using Stencils!)

Below, you can see I used my 6"X6" Bamboo Wall stencil twice, facing in different directions and placed side-by-side to create one overall pattern.  My background was a Gelli Plate print -- but before making my stencil imprints with the Bamboo Wall stencil, I had created another layer of color on the Gelli Plat print, by making a pale blue crayon rubbing (with the help of another stencil of mine, placed under the paper.)  The reason I include this picture is to point out that, unlike oil pastel crayons, Art Bar crayons allow you to use acrylic paint over them. 

I used the same acrylic paint-matte medium mix in making the two fan imprints above.  Both fans were created with the use of my 9"X12" stencil Two Fans.  The top fan was made directly onto color-stained  Asian newsprint, applying the paint thru the stencil.  The lower fan is a ghost print, made with the same stencil; while the paint was still wet, I lifted it from the color-stained newsprint and placed it top-side-down onto another sheet of Asian newsprint; then I cut it out to increase the contrast between the ghost print and a white background. 

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