Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Take-Off on one of the Techniques by Jane Davies

I plan to take two workshops with Jane Davies in October -- one in S. Orange, NJ, and one online.

On Jane's blog --

-- you can find fantastic You Tube videos and lots of photos showing her projects and artwork.  Totally inspiring!  (Her DVD is great, too!)

I've taken the liberty of lifting one of her ideas and tweaking it, for experimenting with my 6"X6" stencil Bamboo Wall...

  ... and here is how that project went:

I started with two previously painted background papers, one mauve and one Magnesium Blue by Golden Fluid Acrylics.  Over each background, I used heavy-body yellow paint with an Ink Sweeper to twice-stencil Bamboo Wall, using the stencil in opposing directions; the next three photos show this step-by-step on the mauve background --

After the paint dried, I placed Post-It notes in selected areas across the stenciled imprints on both the blue and mauve backgrounds:

Next, I used the Gelli Plate to add a layer of translucent magenta to both pieces of paper.

When I lifted these papers off the Gelli Plate, the Post-Its remained on the Gelli Plate -- but that didn't matter; the results had been achieved.

One of the papers was, at this point, finished -- it's the blue-background one at far-left in my final photo.

I took the mauve-background paper a step further.  I added more Post-Its in a different design --

-- then, I used a sponge with a mix of matte gel and Golden's Payne's Gray acrylic paint to add a final layer in areas not masked by the Post-Its.
After I removed this second set of Post-Its, the paper was (at least for now) finished.

The results from the two Post-It experiments --



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