Saturday, March 29, 2014

STENCILS ... plus ...

... red cardstock; paintbrush and silver acrylic paint; Ink Sweeper and heavy-body Payne's Gray acrylic paint ...

equals --

Above:  my 6"X6" stencil Bonsai Tree was used.

Above:  the stencil used was my 6"X6" Heron.

Above:  I used my 6"X6" stencil Osprey Wings.

Bonsai Tree, the first of the three stencils used above, bears a 3-word Chinese message, so it is best used with the bonsai leaning to the right, as shown here.  But it's not limited to Asian-themed art -- it can also be used as a Christmas tree on a 6"X6" greeting card, with dots of bright glitter glue along its branches.

Heron, the 6"X6" stencil used in the middle image above, captures the grace of these majestic, bigger-than-life waterfowl.  It's been used to make greeting cards with the blurb "HERON earth did I forget your birthday?"

Osprey Wingsthird of the three above-used stencils, evokes the splendor of these majestic seahawks that soar above sunlight-glittered waters. This stencil pairs beautifully with the Feathers stencils as well as other bird stencils here at

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