Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stencil Mania has been spawned by StencilGirlProducts!

My friend Cindy has done some beautifully creative artwork using stencils, including stencils I've designed that are now available at www.StencilGirlProducts.com.  Please visit Cindy's blog --


--to check out her techniques!  I'm in the process of doing just that, myself.  Hope mine will turn out as nicely as hers did!

Today another stencil of my design -- Swatton Grid Stencil-- has gone live at StencilGirlProducts.com --
I created this design by first visiting a children's playground -- camera in hand -- and crawling under the platform near the slide.  From a squatting position -- ouch! -- I took photos from beneath the mesh-like platform, pointing upward toward the sun.  Later, in Photoshop, I transformed one of these photos into a silhouette; I collaged together sections of the silhouette; and finally I did the pixel clean-up and the bridge-building to create a stencil. 

Since I love to create non-representational abstract mixed media art on canvas, this one is among my special favorites.  It's available here:

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