Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How many ways are there to use a stencil?

Using my StencilGirlProducts Gingko Stencil ...
Here is another greeting card cover made with the ginkgo stencil that I designed for StencilGirl -- and this one was put together in way less time.  I masking-taped the stencil to my work surface, then placed foreign newsprint over the stencil.  Next, I peeled the paper wrapper off an oil pastel crayon.  Holding the newsprint in place with one hand, I used the oil pastel -- on its side -- to make a rubbing of part of the gingko pattern.  I then cut it out and glued it to a background paper which had been created long ago as a "paint catch-all" paper during one of my painting sessions.  Quick and fun!
How many ways are there to use a stencil?  Find out in September when Mary Beth Shaw (the StencilGirl herself) will show up once again at, this time with a brand-new book that explores lots of answers to this question!  The book's working title is StencilGirl ... but if that should happen to change, you can still locate her new book, come September, by doing a book search at using Mary Beth Shaw's name.