Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Announcement -- I'm Designing for StencilGirlProducts.com

The stencil that I used to make this greeting card cover is one of a brand-new collection of stencils that I have designed for StencilGirl --
-- and although only two of my stencils are currently on display at the StencilGirl website, more will be appearing soon.

To make this greeting card cover, I used masking tape to secure the stencil to the card; then, with a plastic knife, I spread an even layer of super-heavy white gesso across the stencil.  I removed the stencil (and immediately placed it in a basin of water to keep the gesso from hardening on the stencil.  Be nice to your stencils, and they will be nice to you!)  After the gesso hardened, I went over it with several successive layers of acrylic paint, rubbing off some of each color as I went.  I brushed white liquid gesso around the edges after all the paint had dried.  I then painted the gingko leaves with gold metallic paint.  After cleaning the stencil with a soft old toothbrush and patting it dry between paper towels, I placed it over a piece of foreign newsprint which had previously been painted green.  I traced the left side of the largest gingko leaf, then cut it out and collaged it onto the leftmost leaf.

This will be one of the techniques I will be demonstrating at my demo at the Monmouth Festival of the Arts, April 15.  I'm so thankful to my friend Mary Ann, who has generously offered to help give the demo.

For more techniques using stencils, come September, check Amazon.com for the new book by Mary Beth Shaw.  Its working title is StencilGirl but should this change, search Amazon using her name.

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