Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stencil Storage

There are a number of expensive cabinets and the like for storing stencils -- but one look around my studio/office reminds me that adding one more piece of furniture would require either hanging it from the ceiling, blowing out one of the walls, or ... need I go on?  But I do have built-in book shelves (that and the lighting are the reasons I love this room, which started life as the master bedroom.)  For me, then, the answer is 3-ring looseleaf binders filled with clear page protectors.  A recent Internet search showed me that others have adopted the same idea. 

Since  www.StencilGirlProducts.com and other makers of artists' stencils provide a range of choices as to stencil size, from small to large, I've decided to use the 12" X 12" binder-style "scrapbooks" available at places like (brick-and-mortar) Tuesday Morning and (online) Staples.  At the Staples website, I had to do some serious hunting, but finally found a reasonably priced product.  I don't need a binder with metal tips nailed to the corners -- yes, a true scrapbook is meant to last for generations; but immortal stencils ...?  By the time I'm gone, my beloved stencils will probably be so well-used that they may as well be placed alongside my body in the box.

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