Monday, September 12, 2016

One more for Habitat for Humanity

When I belatedly learned that the minimal bid in the late October fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity is $200, I decided to create still another artwork -- on a larger canvas -- and designate it as a donation for that silent auction, rather than one of the smaller artworks shown in my last post.

Again, I used a lot of stencils from Stencil Girl --  L326, S269, L412 and L235.


The above photo appears small here, but you can better see detail by clicking on it to enlarge it.

I still have time to change my mind again, and make yet another abstract based on the Habitat for Humanity floor-plan -- something that I would never have the patience to do without help, but which becomes possible due to StencilGirl offering so many geometric stencils!

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