Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lisa Dobry -- Showing CLUSTERED LEAVES in Action!

I'm doing a happy dance as I post these photos of artwork -- all from the artist Lisa Dobry.  Lisa's delighted me by choosing to use my 9"x 12" stencil Clustered Leaves; and I'm so grateful!

Here's the first --

And now notice the jazzy tag Lisa has used here --

Correct me if I'm wrong, Lisa, but I think the following print could be called the "Before" version--

And I believe this stunner is the "After"--

 -- sporting yet another gorgeous tag as its embellishment!

I'll finish this post with a fifth piece from Lisa --

-- which makes beautiful use of additional (and oh-so-pretty) stencils from designers Traci Bautista and Maria McGuire .  

And here in this final piece, the use of Clustered Leaves has resulted in a soft, subtle image fading gently into the background -- which, to my eye, really gives the purple areas powerful pizzaz!  

Many thanks, Lisa!

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