Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Artwork created with the help of my 9" x 12" stencil Boxed Vines:

Above:  a collaged greeting card cover, created with a Gelli Plate print from this stencil.  Note:  The purple vine at center stage is freehand-cut.  It complements the stencil design but is not made from the stencil itself. 

Above:  the envelope made to match this greeting card.  I've collaged the scrap onto the far left side to leave room for both the return address and the outgoing address.

Above:  a collaged greeting card cover.  The dark orange background was created with a Gelli Plate and this stencil Boxed Vines.  The green vine in the foreground was freehand-cut, in the same style as the stencil, but was not made from the stencil itself.
Above:  the ivory vines-and-border pattern was created with this stencil -- a Gelli Plate print.  The overlay of two white "ghost" vines was also printed on a Gelli Plate, using freehand-cut vines that resemble the stencil.
Above:  Today's final the Gelli Plate print, ready to be cut up for making art journal backgrounds, as shown earlier in this post.  The pale aqua part was created with the stencil Boxed Vines.  The two white vines, an over-print created with the same Gelli Plate, were made from freehand-cut vines, not from the stencil itself.

The stencil itself looks like this:

And back when I was designing it, I worked from freehand-cut vines with leaves like the ones shown throughout this post.

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