Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CROP CIRCLES and How to Order Past Stencil-of-the-Month Stencil Sets

Here is a collage I recently completed:

The top layers on this collage are papers previously prepared using my "scraping" technique.

This technique works best with thin but sturdy paper and heavy-body acrylic paint. 

It's simply a wet version of the rubbings technique; traditional rubbings are done with soft-lead pencil or crayon, whereas I use acrylic paint and an old credit card. 

With masking tape, I secure a stencil to the work surface; then I tape atop that a sheet of thin paper such as deli wrap.  After adding a few dollops of acrylic paint to the top of the paper, I scrape the paint downward over the paper, pressing evenly to pick up the patterns in the stencil.

Step-by-step photos are shown here.

As an addendum to the above linked post, I'll mention another time I used this technique, choosing thin but sturdy foil giftwrap.  (The foil base gives a nice luminosity to the finished product.)  The acrylic paint I used was heavy-body Titanium White.

First, I placed the stencil onto a flat work surface, then covered it with the foil.  I poured a little paint onto palette paper, dipped the wide edge of an old credit card into the paint, and scraped it firmly across the paper, while holding both the paper and the stencil in place with one hand.  (At other times, I've used masking tape to hold these elements in place.)  It takes several dips and scrapes to cover the entire 6"X6" design.  For me, the most effective scraping movement is to push the credit card away from myself -- instead of placing it on the far edge and pulling it toward myself.  Also, I find that best results come from holding the card at a 45-degree angle to the paper.  My Cats stencil has large openings and it lacks fine detail-lines, which makes it perfect for this technique.

Above: the foil giftwrap now imprinted using the scraping technique. 
Okay -- enough of the flashbacks!  Moving ahead to the collage I just finished, here are close-ups of the papers used in this collage that had been previously prepared using this technique:

In printing the above papers, I used this set of stencils:

These June 2015 stencils can be ordered by visiting StencilGirlTalk.com and using the right side bar to become a StencilClub member.  Once a member, you can purchase past stencils at your regular membership price.  Email stencilgirlproducts@gmail.com citing the month you wish to purchase; then StencilGirlProducts will provide you with a invoice through PayPal.

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