Monday, October 26, 2015

BOXED VINES in a New Artwork

Boxed Vines is a 9"X12" stencil that holds a special place in my heart, simply because I like to make vine-and-leaf cut-outs.  It was a few sets of these cut-outs that I used in creating this stencil, by scanning them and using Photoshop to arrange them into the boxed design:


 It was this stencil, and these cut-outs, that I used in developing the mixed-media collage below. 

To create this artwork, I used the stencil twice, once in the central left area and again in the lower left corner.  The central left image was done with the reductive / subtractive technique.

The subtractive/reductive technique has been shown here.  And here.  And here.  As these earlier posts show, the basic technique is the same, but there are many ways to introduce variety.  Besides Jenn Mason, another artist who has taught me this technique is my friend Cindy Powell.

After establishing these two areas as well as the other background areas, I painted in a large vine with leaves hanging down the center of the artwork.  After that paint dried, I subdued the image by adding layers of transparent paint.  

Then, in the right area, I used matte gel to add three of my cut-outs.

Below are close-ups of this artwork:

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