Sunday, November 1, 2015

Gwen Lafleur's Stenciled Jewelry and Fan-Folding Stenciled Prints

Looking for new ways to use your beautiful stencil-printed papers? 

See Gwen Lafleur's post here:!

Or consider going in a completely different direction, with the quick and easy technique of fan-folding.  Photos below show, step by step, a fan-folding project that used a print made with my stencil Nosegay.

Above: a narrow strip of self-adhesive metallic tape is used to bind the bottom of the fan-fold.

Above:  The taping is finished and the fan is ready to be glued to its green cardstock background.

Above:  heavy gel is applied with a cotton swab (far right) to the back of the fan.

Above is the finished project -- glued to a cardstock background, the fan is added to the top of a wooden box, spray-painted black in advance.

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  1. Thanks for linking my beads! And I love the fan you made... such a great idea!