Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Floral Arrangement at the Opening Reception for the Annual Juried Open Show at the Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, NJ

Sunday (October 18), the local artists' guild held the opening reception for the juried annual open month-long show.  At this annual art show, floral designers are invited to visit the guild, pre-opening, to choose artworks which they will use as inspiration in creating arrangements with live flowers.  Then, at the opening reception, their arrangements are on display alongside these chosen artworks.  

I was blessed to have two artworks included in this juried show; one of these was sold, and the other was chosen by one of the floral designers as her inspiration for her 3D artwork.

Clicking on the photo above to enlarge it, you can better see the floral arrangement, created with a palm leaf preserved in a basecoat of bronze paint.  To this, the designer added fresh flowers and a couple of wonderfully organic vines (dried and painted orange.)

On the right is my artwork Mimosa, created with the larger of my two Mimosa stencils:


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