Monday, March 2, 2015


We had another dose of freezing rain overnight, and tomorrow's forecast promises more of the same, so it's time to think positive!  Think spring!

Here are two 6"X6" greeting cards that I think express this sentiment --

Both were made by spreading light molding paste thru my 6"X6" stencil Budding Branches.

But with the top card, I allowed the paste to dry, then spread the whole surface with Pan Pastel.

Making the lower card, I used the stencil as a mask -- right after spreading the paste, while it was still moist, I sprayed green paint across the surface, before lifting off the stencil.  This way, the green spray didn't hit the white cardstock; it just colored the paste.  After the green spray dried, I used acrylic to paint the buds pink.

If you try this technique, be sure to soak your stencil in water as soon as it's lifted from the paste -- then blot it with a paper towel, to keep the paste from drying on the stencil.

Budding Branches is available at

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