Friday, March 6, 2015

"Boxed Vines" -- a 9"X12" Stencil in Action

Altho there are countless ways to use stencils, as shown in all my older posts, I often fall back on old favorite stenciling methods, including the use of a Sofft Sponge to apply heavy-body acrylic paint thru the openings.  I usually do this as a second step, after having created a background. 

Below are two artworks, each with a background already established.  Over the these backgrounds, I've used the same stencil -- Boxed Vines (9"X12") -- and applied acrylic paint thru it, using the sponge.  

The first photo below is a close-up detail of an old collage on canvas that I've decorated with a new element with the stencil and acrylic paint.

This second photo, below, shows the stencil in full-size, secured with masking tape to an old green painting on paper that will now serve as background.  Here, orange paint has been applied to the buds in the top section of the stencil.  

After that paint dried, I added a pale green paint, still using the sponge.  Below, the whole painting is shown, after the stencil has been lifted.

These two artworks are waiting to be completed.  On my other blog --

-- I will be showing another two artworks, started in the same way, using a different stencil.  But on those artworks, I've used other techniques to bring both works to completion.

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