Tuesday, March 17, 2015

9"X12" TWINSHIP Stencil

This mixed-media collage on canvas isn't quite finished, but I want to show (circled in green) the area where I've used part of my 9"X12" stencil Twinship.

This is the stencil in its entirety --

Its unusual title comes from the fact that I developed this design from a photo I took several years ago in a historic little town near near Atlantic City, NJ.  The original photo showed a round wire basket hanging on a white wooden fence.  The sun shone brightly that day, casting a shadow from the basket that resembled an elongated "twin"-- and I doubled this image to create the stencil design.

I love this stencil because it reminds me of that warm day, spent with friends.

Twinship is available here:


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  1. This is one of my favorite stencils! I love your artwork here. Good job!