Sunday, October 20, 2013

Double-Dip Time for STENCILGIRL (TM) stencils!

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Maria McGuire's beautiful 6"X6" Stitch a Doily stencil--
-- was used twice on this piece of marbled paper, along with another 6"X6" stencil, Lizzie Mayne's Fibonacci --
-- both available at STENCILGIRL (TM). 

In my October 8 post, I included the close-up photo below, showing printmaking paper after it had received its first treatment, wherein I used Maria's stencil the first time around.  In that post, I described the stencil-float-on-marbling-inks technique that I used to create this look:

After this printmaking paper had completely dried, I went to step two:  I placed both Maria's Stitch a Doily stencil and Lizzie's Fibonacci stencil atop the paper which had already been marbled once.  I used an artist's plastic spatula and Liquitex modeling paste to spread a thin layer of this paste thru both stencils.  I immediately lifted the stencils and placed them in a basin of water, letting them soak while awaiting a cleaning rinse.  My goal was to create a resist so that, after the next dip into marbling inks, a more complex image would result.  And it did -- it's shown in the photo that appears at the top of this post, where you can see two images created by Maria's doily stencil, one on the far right and one on the far left.  Before the second dip into marbling inks, I waited for the modeling paste to become fully dry.

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