Monday, October 14, 2013

"Intersections" -- Just Playing Around

is where I got the beautiful stencil Intersections, designed by Wendy Aikin for STENCILGIRL (TM).  Just playing around, in follow-up to an earlier post, I recently marbled several papers that had been previously printed with a Gelli plate or previously marbled (as shown in that earlier post.)

Above is "Intersections" placed on a newsprint substrate and spread with modeling paste.  I used Liquitex modeling paste but Golden's molding paste works just as well.  I used an artist's plastic spatula for the spreading.
While the modeling paste was still fresh/wet, I used the texture tool on the right to scrape lines across the surface.  I then lifted the stencil and cleaned it immediately.

Above is the newsprint substrate, now dry.  It has also been marbled, but the marbling solution happened to be weak at the time this was paper dipped, hence no marbling effect is visible.  This paper is going to receive more marbling or some other treatment to develop it further, before it becomes part of a collage.

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