Monday, December 19, 2016

Sneak Preview -- New Christmas Card

Mid-January, I'll have the honor of guest-posting for StencilGirlTalk. Here is a Christmas card made with the technique I'll be showing in that post:

In that guest-post, I'll be showing other-occasion greeting cards, as well, along with step-by-step photos and instructions.  It's a technique I learned online, and was won over by its use of foil -- along with it being quick and easy!  Altho I've employed it to make greeting cards, it can be used in art journaling, both as cover decoration and as embellishment on journal pages.

The stencil used to create the embellishment on the upper left is my 6" x 6" Kaleid.  The stencil in its entirety looks like this:

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this special day!


  1. Thanks, Bren! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Hi Cecilia. Thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog. I had a very hard job choosing just one of your beautiful stencils for my bloghop project. The Mimosa is such a beautiful and versatile pattern that I just HAD to have it. I'm so glad you liked my project and I'd be very honoured to have you use pictures of it on your blog. Thank you. Lx

  3. Lauren, thanks so much for your fast reply and for granting permission; I'm delighted. And thanks too for your kind words; I always hope that others will enjoy using my stencils as much as I enjoy creating them -- because I love doing that! I'm so fortunate to have found a home at StencilGirl! Anyway, I'll schedule your post, but I can't promise a specific date because I have to work around an upcoming release of new work of mine (its date hasn't yet been set) and because I already have quite a few other posts already scheduled. So ... to avoiding missing your post here, I suggest you subscribe to my blog. (Follow by Mail tab, above right.) You can always unsubscribe after your post appears, if you're like me and have lots of emails every day! Thanks again!