Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mary Ann Russo's Art Journal and WROUGHT IRON GATE

My friend Mary Ann Russo has chosen a vintage theme for her artwork/journal-in-progress, and to my delight, she's been using a number of my stencils along with Golden's flexible Molding Paste and acrylic paints.  Her art -- done on a heavy-grade, cold-press watercolor paper -- will start appearing here in today's post; I'll be adding more posts later.

The three photos below show a two-page spread that features a set of cut-out windows (both of which frame prints from vintage postcards.) The first two show close-up detail, while the third photo shows the full two pages.   

The 9"x12" stencil that Mary Ann chose to use is Wrought Iron Gate.  The stencil itself looks like this:

Many thanks to you, Mary Ann, for allowing me to post your gorgeous artwork here!  

Lots more to come!   

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  1. Correction: It was Liquitex paste, not Golden.