Saturday, July 2, 2016


Still more greeting card made with two of my brand-new 6"x6" stencils, Dance of the Courting Cranes and Pair O' Parrots ....

Since Dance of the Courting Cranes has a Japanese look to it, I got out some old Japanese-theme printed paper and used this stencil to make a tracing on the back of the paper.  Then I cut out the shape of the two cranes and glued it to a greeting card cover.  (This 6"x6" bi-fold card is made from heavy cardstock that comes in assorted metallic colors, available at

I took the same trace-cut-collage approach using Pair O' Parrots, on a green metallic greeting card with the tracings and cut-outs coming from pieces of 2 marbeled papers:

Lastly, I decided to build up a third collage, starting with a cut-out from a print-out of a 2-parrot photo that I had taken years ago.

After gluing that cut-out to the white greeting card cover, I traced around one of the parrots in my stencil, on dark blue paper.  After cutting around the tracing to create a dark blue parrot silhouette, I added the new cut-out to the first one ...

Since this looked incomplete, I decided to do another tracing, this time on foil-laminated paper, using the other parrot from the stencil.

Well, getting an accurate photo of any type of foil is a real adventure!  My scanner flatly refused to capture the metallic surface -- rendering it as a blah dark shape.

So I switched to my Android and ended up with two images that sort of show the finished greeting card ...

You'll just have to trust me when I say that the real thing looks better than what I'm able to show here!

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