Thursday, July 21, 2016

CLUSTERED LEAVES Stencil in the Clever Hands of Sherry Canino!

Below are 3 views of a new artwork by Sherry Canino, who was just featured in my last post.  This time Sherry has used one of my newly-released stencils, 9"x12" Clustered Leaves:

Notice what Sherry has done with the stencil itself!  She has carefully removed the outer edge, which was rectangular in shape.  Now she has a freeform stencil and delights in it! 

Actually, Sherry bought two Clustered Leaves stencils, so she could use one as-is and customize the other.  I often do this, too -- with 2 or even 3 identical stencils.  

Notice also that Sherry has used part of a stencil by Seth Apter!

 This an exciting time for me since I will be taking a workshop of Seth's on August 6 in Belmar, NJ, sponsored by Belmar Arts Council!  Anyone wanting more info on this event, just leave me a comment!

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