Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CLUSTERED LEAVES and QUEEN ANNE'S GARDEN in the Hands of Artist Elise Buskey

I'm always thrilled when another artist uses one of my stencils in a way that dazzles me and goes way beyond anything I ever imagined possible.  Elise Buskey has done this -- more than once!

Above, I'm delighted to show yet another artwork by Elise, who works in fabric arts.  Elise used Setacolor to create this gorgeous sun-print.  Elise, thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing off what can be done with my 9"x12" stencil Queen Anne's Lace

But I'm not done yet; neither is Elise!  Below is a recent sun-print collage of her creation that really delights me ...

How do I love this piece?--let me count the ways!  Naturally, I'm delighted that, among the StencilGirl stencils that Elise chose for this project, she included (in the lower left corner) one of my just-released 9"x 12" stencils, Clustered Leaves.  

But more than that, I'm simply floored by the way Elise combines these four wildly different stencils in a way that makes each of the designs look better together than they would separately. 

In part, she has achieved this because she chose four stencils that were created completely with lines that are relatively narrow.  To put this another way, Elise didn't use something like Pair o' Parrots or Penguin Family for this project; these two designs have chunky, solid areas, with little or no line-work.  The fact that she chose line-work of fairly consistent size gives this collage harmony, as well as unity.

Another choice she made, to create even more unity, was to place the two purple pieces kitty-corner from each other another.   This placement is pleasing to my eye; it "holds together" the bigger image.

Across the opposite diagonal of the artwork, Elise subtly repeated this "holding together" trick, by choosing to place a wide yellow-to-yellow-green area within the Clustered Leaves sun-print, and, kitty-corner to this piece, she placed a piece that fades from olive green to yellow-green.  These two areas are held together by their yellow-green commonality.   

I hope Elise will mount this collage, encase it in a mat and frame, and use it as wall-art.  It richly deserves to be on display all the time!  

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