Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Branching Blossoms Silhouette Stencil ... in a New Role

 My 9"x12" stencil Branching Blossoms Silhouette came in handy when I worked on a recent 12"X12" canvas.  So did another 9"X12" stencil of mine, Vintage Script.  But the script stencil had a supporting role, while Branching Blossoms Silhouette had the lead role:

I started with the stencil-and-stain technique that's available to StencilGirl StencilClub Members (to join, see the right sidebar here --
www.stencilgirltalk.com) ... as part of the June StencilClub 3-stencil set Crop Circles.

After that start-layer had dried, I came back in with a soft terrycloth and rubbing alcohol, lifting off most of the stain on the left portion of the canvas, where Blossoms had been used.  I left most of the original stain on the smaller right section where Script had been used.

I returned Blossoms to its original position on the canvas, then sprayed  its surface with diluted white paint.  The stencil acted as a mask, keeping the white paint from landing inside the lines that create the tree-like design.  

Once that spray had dried, I lifted off the stencil and painted inside the lines forming the design.  For this, I used several layers of Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold (Golden Fluid Acrylic.)  

Next, I added collage papers with matte medium gel.  

My last step was to paint in a frame around the Blossoms area, using the same color blend that I had used in staining the Script area.  This color blend was a mixture of the Nickel Azo Gold and Quinacridone Crimson (Golden Fluid Acrylics.)  However, I could have chosen Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Golden Fluid Acrylic) to achieve nearly the same color.

Again, the two stencils I used are found here --


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