Saturday, December 14, 2013


In a mood to buy yourself a Christmas present?  (Don't forget, "Little Christmas" comes after Christmas -- so you have plenty of time!) carries papers that coordinate beautifully with stencils by STENCILGIRL(TM) Products -- look at the examples below, and just imagine how you can use these papers with your stencil-prints, in art-journaling and lots of other paper arts!

If you have the Tribal Hand stencil by Lizzie Mayne --

-- and/or the Arabesque stencil by Nathalie Kalbach --

and/or Swirly Floral by June Pfaff Daley --

--and/or my Wrought Iron Gate stencil --

-- you can coordinate with any or all of these ArtPapersOnline papers:

And if you have Twist Latice by Lizzie Mayne --

--and/or Net stencil by Mary Beth Shaw -- --

you can pair prints from them with this paper:

Or this:

Again: Prints made with any Connection stencil by Andrew Borloz -- --

and/or Web stencil by Mary Beth Shaw --

and/or X & O Stencil by Andrew Borloz --

-- will coordinate beautifully with this ArtPapersOnline paper:

And one last example of great pairings--

The above ArtPapersOnline paper will coordinate nicely with all the circle stencils at STENCILGIRL(TM) Products; here are only a few examples:

Stitch a Doily by Maria McGuire--

Border Circles by Michelle Ward --

Random Circles by Mary Beth Shaw --

And many, many more!

As you scroll thru the ArtPapersOnline website, you will find other examples of happy pairings with prints made with stencils from STENCILGIRL(TM) Products.  Happy scrolling!


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