Saturday, December 7, 2013

Did I Go Overboard?

Some of us -- you know who you are -- are thinking about Whitman's Samplers at this time of year, since they (and all their rich, high-calorie friends) will be staring you in the face every time you step into a grocery store.  Well, this is the inspiration for MY title STENCILGIRL(TM) Sampler, which I gave to this new artwork on canvas --

Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away ... but it was fun.  The bottom layer is molding paste and the top layers are acrylic paints.   In no particular order, these are the stencils I used:

Use Your Words by Carolyn Dube --

Trivet B stencil by yours truly --

Optical Large by Michelle Ward--

Blockout Overlap by Mary Beth Shaw --

my two Mimosa stencils (9"X12" and 6"X6")--

and a soon-to-be-released 9"X12" stencil that I titled Boxed Vines ...
just keep checking


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