Monday, September 2, 2013

The Birds are Coming!

Coming soon at are two bird-themed 6"X6" stencils that I've designed.  The osprey stencil is the focus of an earlier post, below.  This post focuses on the stencil Heron.
In earlier posts, I described creating monoprint-backgrounds, followed by placing the bird stencil atop multi-hued paper (orange to purple, in this case), tracing the outline of the image, cutting out this silhouette (with cuticle scissors or other small scissors to catch all the fine details) and, as a final step, adding the heron shape to the background with matte medium or a good-quality gluestick.
The above background looks pretty much like a monoprint ... and in a way, it actually is a monoprint ... but the technique I used was not the same as what I've described in earlier posts below.
Citrasolv was used to make this particular background; here is a helpful video:
Be aware that Citrasolv fumes are strong and for this reason it's my advice to do this technique outdoors.  I also advise wearing heavy-duty plastic gloves (not disposable plastic gloves.) Cheap Joe's Art Supplies sells Citrasolv via their online store; it can also be found on the housecleaning shelf at Whole Foods.
The Heron stencil, soon to be released at

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