Monday, September 2, 2013

New Stencils Coming up for Release at ...

... include Borders 1, Borders 2, Borders 3, Wrought Iron Gate, Heron and Osprey Wings

The two bird silhouettes are 6"X6" and have been featured in artwork in earlier posts, below this post.

The others are 9"X12" and one of them, Borders 1, was featured in artwork in an earlier post, also below.

Now to show Borders 2 and 3 in action:

Since each of the Borders series of stencils contains three borders per stencil, it's easy to overlay one border design with another.  I've done just that in the two examples above -- detail-shots of an abstract artwork in progress, on canvas.   Here, I have used a sponge-top pounce-type applicator with acrylic paints.

I used the same approach to add this overlay pattern in this detail-shot of another work-in-progress; here, I was working with the Borders 3 stencil:
 Borders 2 stencil (soon to be released):
 Borders 3 stencil (soon to be released):

And finally, below is shown a subtle, translucent white (Zinc White) overlay that I created with the same type of stencil brush and acrylic paint, using my soon-to-be-released stencil Wrought Iron Gate:

9"X12" soon-to-be-released stencil Wrought Iron Gate


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  1. Gorgeous new stencils, Cecilia!
    Just stunning!