Sunday, September 1, 2013

Border Stencils are Coming!

More new stencils that I've designed will be coming available at; below, I've used one of them, Borders 1, to add design elements to this abstract-on-canvas work-in-progress ...

Borders 1 is a 9"X12" stencil made up of three separate borders; each border is 11 1/4" long and 2" wide.  Art journaling and the book arts had been on my mind when I had designed my border series (alongside the Borders 1 stencil is a Borders 2 as well as well as a Borders 3, all with the same 3-border-per-stencil format.) 
But when -- to my delight -- my stencil-prototypes arrived yesterday, I decided to apply them to some of my works-in-progress:  abstracts on canvas that I am readying for a local solo art show that will last thruout October.
In the unfinished piece above, one of the stencil-created borders was used to make the orange vertical pattern in the upper right.  Another border, from the same stencil, was used in creating the dark orange pattern that runs horizontally inward from the far left, less than halfway down the left side.
I chose those two patterns because, to my eye, they play nicely with the patterns established earlier, when I used a rubber stamp.  (If you see this post, Mary Ann, you will recognize the stamp!  Marge, I'm sending a bouquet of thank-you's up to you!)
The Borders #1 Stencil:

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