Monday, July 15, 2013

Stencil Girl 2 ...

... is the title of this artwork, finished just today, on Yupo:

I used liquid watercolors and gouache (a thick, opaque form of watercolor).  My first step was the stencil-and-stain technique which I showcased in my March 4 post.  My four 6"X6" stencils were two of my own design -- Kaleid --
and Grid

-- as well as Wendy Aikin's Intersections --

and Wendy's Crazed Stencil --

After my stencil-and-stain step had dried, I used masking tape to block out a freestyle but geometric-shaped border, filling in the outer edges with white gouache using a sponge applicator.

To add the two top-layer yellow shapes (small upper right triangle and lower left geometric shape), I used more masking tape and brushed in a yellow-white gouache mix, then stamped both shapes while the paint was still wet, using a homemade rubber stamp.  This stamping step lifted out some of the yellow-white paint, enough so that some of the bottom layer shows through.

This close-up shows the upper right triangle; click on the image to enlarge it.
 After creating the two yellow-white shapes, I added the focal point area (part of which is visible in the two photos below.)  For this I used a sponge-topped applicator, masking tape, Wendy's Intersections stencil and three layers of gouache -- gray-white, purple and white -- allowing dry-time between each layer application.


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