Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making a Rubber Stamp-Type Printing Plate using a Stencil

Mary Ann Russo, an artist in the field of fiber arts, has invented -- and as far as I know, it IS a new invention -- a method for using a stencil to make  a rubber-stamp-style printing plate (similar to a collograph printing plate -- but using synthetic material much like what is used in making rubber stamps.)  Here she has used my 9"X12" stencil Vases ... http://stencilgirlproducts.com/stencils-9x12/view/714
Fiber artists like large stamps, and I have a feeling it's possible to make a stamp/printing plate that's even larger, simply by starting with more than one stencil, side-by-side.  These printing plates are not used like traditional rubber stamps.  They are placed face-up on the work surface, then coated with fabric-coloring ink; and, when fabric is placed over them, pressure is applied evenly across the top side of the fabric.  Mary Ann has used a rubber-like material so sturdy, in creating this tool, that it can be used with endless repetitions.

I've emailed a query to Cloth Paper Scissors to ask whether that magazine is interested in my writing a full-length article, listing supplies and detailing each step of the process (which actually produces two art-making tools, not just the rubber stamp/printing plate.)  It's been a few years since my last publication there, yet I'm happy to say I received another warm reception, this time around.  The only hitch is that Mary Ann can't commit right now to going thru the process of creating another stamp/printing plate, so I can't take step-by-step photos of her process until her schedule opens up again.  I'm hoping someday to take this project forward. 

In the meantime I'm happy to report that another design of mine is now listed, as a brand-new stencil, at the StencilGirlProducts website; it's a 6"X6" version of my already-listed stencil Mimosa...


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