Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lisa Dobry's Tags!

Lisa Dobry has done some tag-painting that I was delighted to see.  For one tag, she used my 9"x12" stencil Queen Anne's Lace -- in a very creative way ...  

... and she produced the white highlights shown above with one of the Organic Roots stencils by Carol Wiebe.  

Lisa Dobry also made these amazing tags --

-- using several StencilGirl stencils, including -- on the far right -- my 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves to lay in the white-and-pink background.  The blue foreground was made with Joanne Sharpe's Whimsey Script Stencil.

Also shown above are prints made with Tall Birds Stencil by Terri Stegmiller and a cluster of other great stencils, all available at StencilGirlProducts.com

Queen Anne's Lace stencil, in its entirety, looks like this --

Clustered Leaves in its entirety is shown below --

-- and, if you're like me, you'll cut off the outer rectangular border to make this design more versatile.  Trust me, it will all hang together!