Sunday, August 7, 2016

Michele White, Elise Buskey and Janet Daily with CROP CIRCLES!

Artist Michele White says she has more work to do on this foundational piece; here, I'm showing what she did as her first step, using a stencil from the 3-piece June 2015 stencil set, Crop Circles:

Janet Daily, another member of the StencilGirl StencilClub, used the same stencil to create this:

And -- last but certainly not least -- here is a close-up detail from a larger artwork created by artist Elise Buskey:

See what differences can arise when the same stencil is placed in the creative hands of individual artists?!

These June 2015 stencils can be ordered by visiting and using the right side bar to become a StencilClub Member.  Once a member, you can purchase past stencils at your regular membership price.  Email citing the month you want to buy; then StencilGirlProducts will provide you with a invoice through PayPal.

Or, you can go to ... click on Products ... and scroll down to StencilClub.  Here too, you'll find directions.

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