Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Title Suggestions, Anyone?

Above is a new piece, just finished, on 12"X12" stretched canvas.   My left arm isn't recovered enough yet for me to take step-by-step photos, but one helpful tip is that I used Art-C's Groove Art Tool to apply each layer of heavy-body acrylic paint as I worked my way thru the piece.

Below is a photo from an older post where I showed this tool, with its brush attachment, when I was using it with Kae Pea's 6"x6" Illegible stencil --

Above:  Before I used the red acrylic paint.
Above:  After I used the paint, before I lifted the stencil.

I like the tool because it helps me achieve an even application of paint, which in turn results in less bleed-under.  I also like the fact that it speeds up the application of paint, and does so without my having to apply any pressure.  The traditional method of applying paint thru a stencil means a lot of repeated pouncing movements.  That's generally not a problem for younger artists ... but things change as finger and wrist joints start to age ... enough said about that!

To create today's artwork, I used a lot of masking tape -- taping off each section of the canvas where I wanted to add paint, layer by layer -- as well as two of my 6"X 6" stencils, Mimosa




  1. Beautiful work, sorry about your arm.

    1. Thanks. It's the shoulder, actually ... recovering from surgery. PT is helping and I notice improvement every day. :-)