Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I've surprised myself in having come up with a way to take photos of a few recent artworks.  I can hold the phone between my hands without lifting my arms, if I work from a sitting position with the artwork on the floor between my feet!  This way, my recovering shoulder isn't affected because I can brace it, from shoulder to elbow, against my side, leaving enough of the arm free to hold the phone where it needs to be.  I admit a lot of the photos were shaky and had to be deleted.  But here are the 3 that survive:

Above:  For this, I brought out my 6"X6" stencil Kaleid and my 9"X12" stencil Facets. 
 I used those 2 stencils over and over on this 12"X12" stretched canvas, layering with Golden High Flow Acrylics.  My last step was to bring out highlights with a white Sakura Solid Marker, a type of crayon that hardens soon after application.

Above: I used a similar approach to create this larger artwork on stretched canvas.  My main stencil was my 9"X12" Mimosa.  A granulated effect (to see this better, click on the image to enlarge it) was achieved by my having first prepared the surface, adding Liquitex White Opaque Flakes, a gel medium that contains small flakes of plastic.  After using Golden High Flow Acrylics and multiple layered stencil applications to build up the surface, I came in with zinc ("mixing") white acrylic paint to subdue the outer areas of the image.  Then I sprayed some edges of the main image with acrylic inks, to achieve a blend-into-the background look.

Above:  On this 12"x12" stretched canvas, I used my 6"x6" Mimosa stencil.  This time I added a metallic gold with other Golden High Flow acrylics.  My secondary stencil (used on the upper left) was my newly released 9"X12" stencil Prayer Flags.  Again, after achieving the main image, I came back in with acrylic paint to block out unwanted areas.  This time I chose an opaque black to dramatize the red, white, black and gold combination.

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