Monday, February 24, 2014

Mary C. Nasser's Beautiful Clock ... and some "Boxed Vines" is the webpage where you can read the full story and see the step-by-step how-to photos of this project dreamed up and executed by Mary C. Nasser.  I love her color combinations and I love the way she decided to create a gentle sense of motion, using the feather designs, on the left half of this artwork.   I was so impressed upon first seeing this piece that, until Mary's commentary drew my attention to it, I didn't even notice that the feathers had been created with my 6"X6" Feathers stencil.
The above stencil measures 6"X6" and is available here ...

 And now to veer in another direction--
Above:  another stencil of mine -- the 9"X12" Boxed Vines.

Above:  a Gelli Plate print created using this stencil.
 Above:  I created this greeting card cover in my PC, but I show it here to give ideas as to potential ways of using parts of the Boxed Vines stencil in hands-on art-making:  To do so, I would use masking tape to cover the parts of the stencil I want to keep from printing.  Then after doing numerous overlapping prints (with acrylic paint on a dauber), I would come back in with a small brush and use the same acrylic paints to fill in the "bridge" lines of the stencil.  Boxed Vines is available at
Above:  another greeting card cover,
 showing another possible way to use
this stencil in hands-in art-making, altho
this particular example was created on my PC.
Again, some of the stencil would be
covered with masking tape to keep it
from being printed.  This example shows the
Boxed Vines design as the top layer in a multi-
layer print.  If I were doing this by hand,
I would use the Gelli Plate to create the
background blocks of color.

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  1. Oh, Cecilia! Thank you for the lovely shout-out!
    What a wonderful surprise!

    It's no secret I'm a HUGE fan of your stencils and artwork! :)