Saturday, May 14, 2011

DVDs and in-person art workshops

I just ordered the new Anne Bagby DVD, Pattern and Form:  Advanced Collage Techniques.  I greatly enjoyed Anne's first DVD and I think her new one will delight me even more.

DVDs are a fraction of the cost of a live workshop, and they have the advantage of being stoppable at any point, so that I can go straight from watching a demo-in-progress to working on applying what I've just seen and heard.  Some live workshops offer the same opportunity, but, it's been my experience that workshop facilitators, in the interests of saving time, often combine several techniques in each demo session, before giving participants a break in which to apply what's just been presented in the demo.  If too many steps are presented to me in rapid sequence, I tend to forget parts of the lesson, here and there.  If I'm in a workshop that is my very first exposure to any given material, I do much better when I watch a single technique, then immediately follow this with a practice-period.

The other advantage of DVDs is, of course, that they can be watched over and over.

All this said, however, I'm happy to say that soon I will be taking off for 6 days to attend a workshop offered at Hudson Valley Art Association, leaving my husband to hold down the fort (and to care for the cat, who will not be overjoyed at the prolonged absence of "Mom-mom.")  This is the good part of having turned 62 -- now  receiving Social Security benefits, I can start attending farther-afield workshops.  I've yearned to do this for years and years, but was limited to workshop and class opportunities within my local area.  Not only have these been far and few between, but also, they have tended to be aimed at people just starting to stretch their artistic wings.  I've found that when I attend workshops and classes aimed at intermediate and advanced artists, I learn from my fellow participants in addition to learning from the facilitator; and I find this very stimulating and enriching.

How blessed I am, to now be at a place in life where I can have the best of both worlds -- DVDs as well as live workshops.   

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