Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What do MaryBeth Shaw and Mary C. Nasser Have in Common?

Both these artists have created stencils that I've stained during various art-making adventures ...  and after deciding that I really liked the looks of those stained stencils, my next step was to perform "plastic surgery" on them, followed by using them in collages.  Despite being sturdy enough to last for ages, StencilGirl stencils are, at the same time, easy to customize with scissors.

Clicking on the image immediately below, you can see pieces of Mary C. Nasser's Maps Stencil -- stained with gold acrylic paint along with a touch of green acrylic paint -- cut into pieces and re-assembled to become the crossbar in this crucifix composition:

Enlarging the image above also brings out the subtle use of my brand-new 9"x12" Loopy Ladders stencil in the upper right and the far upper left.  And if you look really closely, you can also make out the subtle use of my 9"x12" Vintage Script stencil, on the middle far right, under the dark "elbow" painted area.

Below, I'm posting the stained and cut-up pieces of the Rafters stencil by MaryBeth Shaw.  Because this canvas is still in progress, I'm showing only the close-ups where these stencil pieces were used:

I hope you agree with me that these elements really liven up a mixed-media collage!

Here is a close-up of areas where my new 9"x12" stencil Loopy Ladders was used in the first artwork at the top of this post:

Loopy Ladders itself looks like this:

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