Thursday, March 24, 2016

Still Stamping with the 4-inch Round Gelli Arts Plate and "Stencil Guts" from

In another post, I provided a link to a Gelli Arts video that shows how to use stencils with the new Gelli Arts Plates that come in small sizes.  Now I've found an even better link from the same source --

The backgrounds in my posts today were created using the plate this way. 

It's important to note that I keep the mask in the wet paint when pressing the inverted plate onto my substrate.  I don't remove it prior to making the print.  I find that this approach works better for me than if I were to remove the mask once it has made its imprint in the wet paint layer on the plate.  (When working with stencils, however, I do remove them from the wet plate before pulling a print.)

After creating those two backgrounds (using old encyclopedia pages as substrates), I pulled out red acrylic paint, an applicator sponge, and two of my 6"x6" stencils -- Heron, followed by Osprey Wings.

With those tools, I added the final touch of stenciled images, letting the mask-created imprints form a backdrop.

Here's hoping that still more batches of "Stencil Guts" masks will be again available at!