Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Modeling Paste and Other Dimensional Media with Stencils

Another re-run today, as I continue working in an online class taught by Jane Davies ...

Here is my "modeling-paste-with-spray-paint technique," complete with step-by-step instructions and photos.  In addition to modeling paste, I've tried other dimension- building media, as you'll see below.
In this photo sequence, I show how I made several 6"X6" greeting cards with my newly released stencil Quilted Flower Garden.  First, I taped the greeting card into place (over a sheet of freezer paper, shiny side up.) 

 Next, I spread a layer of modeling paste over the stencil --

While the modeling paste was still wet, I sprayed it with liquid watercolor as shown below.  Click on this image to enlarge it -- and take note that, with the spray of liquid watercolor, the stencil has suddenly become a mask.  Its presence masks off parts of the design so that the color-spray can't reach them.

Right after spraying, I lifted off the stencil and placed it, wet side down, on another paper, making a ghost print. Then I washed the stencil before the modeling paste could dry.
I did this project 3 times; the first time, as shown above, I used modeling paste ... and got these results:
Click on the above image to enlarge it.  The enlargement better shows the 3D look achieved with the modeling paste.  It also shows the areas that were masked off by the stencil during the color-spraying.
 On the next go-'round, I used Titanium White heavy body acrylic paint with the same stencil and the same sequence of steps, with these results --

 On the third greeting card, I used Blended Fibers Texture Gel Medium to get the results below --

And now I'll show the ghost-prints I made when I flipped the still-wet stencil and pressed it, wet side down, to other papers:

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