Friday, September 19, 2014

Easy to Resist

Some time ago, my friend Cindy Powell and I were exchanging ideas about different ways of creating resists.  I think she's the one who gave me the idea to trace around the openings of a stencil with a Sharpie oil pen -- available at -- and following this with a coat or two of acrylic paint.

These were my results:

 The image above and the image below were both made with Mary Beth Shaw's 9"X12" stencil Blackout Overlap.

 The page below was made with my 9"X12" stencil Ivy 9.

Speaking of Mary Beth Shaw -- her 6"X6" stencil Leaf Diamond works nicely when paired with my 6"X6" stencil Quilted Flower Garden.  Try using them together, and see what I mean!

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