Monday, August 5, 2013

New Stencils Coming Soon at!

I'm excited at knowing new prototypes are in the mail, making their way here to NJ from StencilGirlProducts headquarters in MO.  Upon their arrival, I will see in the flesh (or more accurately, in the plastic) what some of my newest stencils will look like.  Shortly thereafter, they will appear on the SGP website.  And they will be announced here on my blog.

In the meantime I've played with some Liquitex spray paint and my Gingko stencil ...

... to make a greeting card cover.  Before spraying with the acrylic paint, I masked off part of the stencil's overall design using scrap paper and masking tape.  Masking tape also anchored the stencil onto the blank greeting card cover (the card is made from 140-lb. watercolor paper.)  After the paint dried, I used a glue stick to add two strips of textured wallpaper that I had previously used as "catcher paper" for leftover paints (colors that I had mixed while doing my abstract paintings.)


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