Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stencil-Use in Mixed-Media Collage

Above is a close-up of one of the mixed-media collages I will be bringing to show at my April 15 demo at Monmouth Festival of the Arts...

... and it shows two uses for art stencils that I will be covering in my demo:   The left side of the photo, as well as the white-and-blue over-print on the right side of the photo, are examples of simply spreading a thick medium thru a stencil that's been secured to the substrate with masking tape.  The medium I chose for this piece was molding paste/modeling paste (one manufacturer uses one name and another uses the other; yet another company calls it "artist's cement.")
The upper right area of this photo shows embossed "paper" that I made using one of my favorite stencils from  Please scroll down to my March 6 post to read the technique used to create this embossed "paper." 

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