Saturday, March 30, 2013

Close-Ups of Stencil Work

Above:  On canvas, I used purple acrylic thru a stencil, then over-stamped the dried acrylic with matte gel; after that dried, I added highlights with a Conte crayon.

Below:  After using a stencil with green acrylic in another area on this canvas, I flipped the still-wet stencil over and used it as a stamp, leaving the ghost print on the lower part of this close-up.

Above:  I used green acrylic thru a stencil to make the first impression on this canvas; after that dried, I used an old credit card to scrape over layers of other paints, especially Zinc White, which is translucent.

All stencils used in this post are available here -- -- and most are designed by Mary Beth Shaw.

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