Sunday, July 16, 2017

In an Orange and Aqua Mood ...

Today's post parades several recent prints, made on assorted backgrounds (mostly foreign newspaper tearsheets); the first was made with my Marbles 9 stencil.  It measures 9" x 12" and has a 6" x 6" "little sister," Marbles 6.   Having coated the background with an even layer of translucent acrylic orange acrylic paint, I gave it time to dry, then used a sponge roller and high-viscosity aqua acrylic paint to add this complementary color thru the stencil:

Above:  Since I didn't have high-viscosity (heavy-body) aqua paint on hand, I mixed soft-body paint with extra-heavy acrylic medium gel, before loading the brayer with paint.

Next, I coated newsprint with a layer of translucent Titan Buff, then used another sponge brayer to add orange acrylic paint thru two borders from my Borders # 2 stencil.  As you can tell below, from the sponged borders around each border, this stencil has been cut into three strips, to separate each of the three borders it contains.  It's not necessary to cut any of my three Borders series stencils into strips, but it's my personal choice; I find them easier to use this way.

Above:  My Titan Buff acrylic paint (by Golden) isn't translucent to begin with; I mixed it with acrylic matte liquid medium (which is transparent) before loading my brayer with paint.  This way, some of the background print remained visible, thus creating a layered look.

I made another orange-background print with a bright aqua foreground, following the same steps as in the first print posted today.  This print was made with two of my Trivet series stencils -- left:  Trivet B stencil; right:  Trivet C.  Both measure 6" x 6" and are part of a 4-piece series that includes one 9" x 12" stencil (Trivet 9 A.)

Above:  Trivet B, on the left, always reminds me of a turning wheel.  Trivet C, on the right, always reminds me of razor blades!  I didn't design either of them with these images in mind.  It just happened on its own.
Today's final image:

Too late, I realized that I should have added more solid aqua, or a solid beige, to the background of this piece, before printing it with an orange paint-loaded sponge brayer and my 9" x 12" stencil Two Vases.  If I'd had the forethought to mute out the background printing with either of those paints, the two orange vases would have stood out better. 

But there's always a next time!

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